Explore the advantages of joining a team of highly trained media professionals who combine Industry knowledge, data and technology with a personal touch.


If you...

    • Value socially responsibility;
    • Like a collaborative work culture;
    • Prefer coaches and mentors to bosses;
    • Want work/life alignment and
    • Embrace innovation without borders…

We want to meet you!

  • Collaborative

    GroupM employs and looks for people who are collaborative by their very nature. Our team members are cooperative, supportive, loyal and jointly-accountable. They value relationships and appreciate that different perspectives lead to the best solutions. Our employees are open-minded and always look for ways to share what they are doing to benefit the entire group.

    This collaborative nature extends beyond the GroupM office walls to clients, media partners, and other WPP companies.  The goal is to deliver the best product consistently for all. 

  • Commercially Minded

    We value people who are commercially minded.  People who understand how we operate our business and are constantly thinking of ways to improve our way of operating.  We look for individuals who are focused on the most critical business objectives and look for ways to take leadership roles in those areas.  

    People who are able to prioritize, identify challenges and opportunities and manage their teams and corresponding client’s work. We value curiosity and the desire to continue to grow our organization.


  • Inventive

    We look for people who are able to balance a healthy curiosity with the ability to deliver in a tactical manner. Individuals able to think through strategy and execution in a macro and micro manner and deliver first-to-market thinking only a network like GroupM can support. 

    People who ensure inquisitive rigor is consistently applied to their decision making process, all with the goal of making decisions that benefit our clients, agencies and people. GroupM talent constructively challenge the assumptions of the business using robust, fact-based analysis; marrying that with creative problem solving. 


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